‘Lost’ Reunions: Hurley & Shannon on ‘Californication’

HurleyThe entire television industry is required, by a secret contract, to put together at least one Lost cast reunion every few months or so. It is the only way to sustain the human race’s faith in the meaning of life, in the absence of the series that captivated, guided, and pretty much controlled its viewing audience for six years. The Showtime comedy Californication is the latest program to uphold this sacred responsibility. TVLine reports that the David Duchovny starrer is bringing on Jorge Garcia (fan favorite Hurley) to join Maggie Grace during the latter’s multi-episode arc.

Of course, this is Californication‘s first foray into the art of the Lost reunion; some shows have made a religion out of the practice. Here’s a look at some of the biggest power player series in the game of bringing old islanders together again.

Hawaii Five-0

The CBS series Hawaii Five-0 kicked off with the appeal of Daniel Dae Kim, who played the excellently crafted Jin, at the center of its cast. Since, the program has brought on Terry O’Quinn — the iconic John Locke — for an extended multi-episode arc, playing an equally nebulous character. As a bonus, the series featured a one-off appearance by Tania Raymonde, Lost‘s Alex Rosseau, who underwent a harsh interrogation by Officer Jin.

Person of Interest

Island breakout star Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) pulls the heavy weight in the CBS crime drama Person of Interest, from Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams. Over the course of Person of Interest‘s first season, Emerson has reunited with Brett Cullen, who played Goodwin Stanhope, Linus’ rival for the affections of Juliet Burke… whose ex-husband’s portrayer, Željko Ivanek, is also a recurring star on Person of Interest. But there’s more: Alan Dale, who played Charles Widmore on the ABC program, has shown up to add a dose of his menacing style to Emerson’s new series.

Once Upon a Time

Unfortunately, no two Lost castmembers have appeared onscreen at the same time on Once Upon a Time. But the show comes from two of Lost‘s writers, and has featured Alan Dale and Emilie de Ravin, the latter of whom played Claire on Lost and an incarnation of Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle on Once Upon a Time.


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