‘LOST”s Alan Dale (aka Charles Widmore) Has Role in ‘Once Upon a Time’

Alan DaleOne of the big sells of the upcoming series, Once Upon a Time, is its writing staff. The scribes of ABC’s fairy tale fantasy comes from the pens of Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, two former writers and producers on the monsoon that was LOST. What with the gigantic pull that LOST has over its recovering addicts, it would be wise for Once Upon a Time‘s production team to cash in on some fun tie-ins, Easter Eggs and cameos.

Wise you are, OUAT (not gonna stick, needs fewer vowels). As the series is based in the lore of familiar fairy tales, there will naturally be Prince Charming character. And, in the spirit of originality, Horowitz and Kitsis are exploring Charming’s backstory—thus, we will be meeting the man’s father.

And I ask you, LOST fans, who immediately comes to mind when you think of the all-too-intrusive father that this man will bet-your-bottom-dollar end up being? One Alan Dale, a.k.a., Charles Widmore.

Thrilled? Yes, you are. Not only is this in and of itself going to be a riot, it’s indicative of LOST fun yet to be revealed in the series. The pilot series is already rumored to have a garden of hidden references, including a clock stuck on the 8:15 minute and a Geronimo Jackson sticker. All non-fans right now must feel pretty (yep, it’s coming) lost right now.

So what else can we expect in Once Upon a Time? Will a beanstalk be scaled by an especially skeptical Jack? Will an evil king reign over his subjects by lying incessantly? Will a Scottish Robin Hood, before heading off into the Redwood Forest, tell Little John, “I’ll see you in another life, brother?” 

Seriously, any of this would be fine.

Source: TVLine