‘Lost’ Star Michael Emerson Is Abrams & Nolan’s ‘Person Of Interest’

Michael EmersonLost fans have good reason to rejoice this morning. The Hollywood Reporter scoops that Michael Emerson, who played villain-turned-hero-turned-villain-turned-hero Benjamin Linus on ABC’s beloved mystery drama, will play the lead in CBS’ Person Of Interest, a new one-hour crime drama from Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight) and Lost executive producer and all-around geek god J.J. Abrams.

Little is known about the focus of the program at this point, but it is said to center on a billionaire who works to stop violent crime along with an ex-CIA agent. Emerson will play the crusading billionaire, while the CIA agent is yet to be cast. Nolan wrote the treatment for the show and will serve as executive producer along with Abrams and his partner Bad Robot partner Bryan Burk.

As a longtime fan of Lost, I’m ecstatic that Abrams has chosen to cast his new shows with actors from the Island. Not only will Jorge Garcia, who played Hugo Reyes in the sci-fi fantasy series, star in another one of Abrams’ developing projects (Alcatraz, from Lost co-producer Elizabeth Sarnoff), now we have Ben Linus back on the small screen. It’s a nerd’s dream come true, but not just because we love the characters from the now-concluded program. They are all wonderful actors and Abrams is giving them the chance to prove that their popularity on Lost wasn’t just a fluke. The only downside to this story is that it leaves another one of Abrams’ developing shows (Odd Jobs) in limbo; that one was supposed to center on a pair of former special-ops agents. It had been rumored that Emerson and fellow Lostie Terry O’Quinn would play the agents, but now it seems that prospect may be, umm, lost.

Unless O’Quinn is being courted to play the ex-CIA Agent in Person Of Interest. Could it be fate…

Source: THR