‘Louie’ Recap: Pregnant

S02E01 Jeeze, it’s been… what? A month since the regular television season ended? Watching our first taste of the second season of Louie made me realize just how little quality television we’ve had in the past month. It also made me realize how incredible Louie is since it’s able to satisfy my entire television appetite, which is a task that normally requires two or three shows. Louie was able to do that last summer as well and it seems like his second time around will be just as strong. You should be thankful, you needed some television sustenance.

Louie opens on every struggling to be a good divorced father’s nightmare and the prime example of why kid’ are rude little shits. His daughter just nonchalantly informs him that she likes living with her mother better and she loves her more than him. He takes it in stride, finishes brushing her teeth and sends her off to bed. But not before a final goodnight middle finger. It was perfect. Louis C.K. knows how to be a great parent and knows that kids don’t really know what they’re doing because they don’t know any better. That doesn’t mean he can’t take his frustrations out a little bit though and the middle finger was hilarious. If that’s an image to sum up the theme of the show, I don’t know what is.

‘…and I love her more so I like being there more.’ – Louie’s daughter


Seeing these short films bookended by Louis doing stand up really helps inform his pretty rough act. I have no doubt that something like what happened in the first short happened to Louis C.K. at some point, though that may have been a little exaggerated for comedic effect. But seeing and understanding that makes the first bit of stand up that much funnier. At least, I’m assuming that’s the point. It made the stand up bits funnier for me at least. And I myself won’t try to review his stand up sets because how could you? This isn’t a stand up review, it’s a television show review. I could only really review how I find his stand up, which I think is among the best of all time, and that would get old. So I’ll just say he talks about how he can only do stuff with his daughters.

The next short film mirrored the first, only this time when his daughter did something slightly off he tried to explain his complex philosophy (albeit a really well reasoned and respectable one) about viewing property and failed miserably. Of course it didn’t work and the only thing you can really do is give into the kids and give them what they want. They’re little shits like that. Also, I think Louis C.K. was just showing off cooking like that. It looked delicious and now I want a mango pop.

Then his sister comes to visit. Louie sometimes has recurring characters, like his brother from last season, and I hope his sister becomes one. She’s a loud mouth pregnant fat lady and is basically a vehicle for Louis C.K. to say what even he can’t. I mean, that was a pretty rough monologue about his ex-wife. Even he couldn’t pull that off, but his sister can. It’s obvious Louis admires her and this one of those segments that are still funny but really bring the show close to bordering on a drama. Their conversation was funny (at parts) but also real and raw like only siblings can get. But it also was more for set up for the next short film.

After another round of stand up about divorce (always funny) we get into my favorite short of the night. So it’s set up that his sister is pregnant and has miscarried before and she starts screaming about a terrible pain. Cue the panic that comes when everything is going wrong but luckily his sage neighbors are there and they talk him into trusting them. As serious as this is going, you expect the joke to come from the strangers. It’s such an easy target, they kidnap the kids or something, I’m not sure what’s going to happen but Louis C.K. will make it funny. They start rushing to the hospital and his sister is just screaming up a storm. And then she lets out the biggest fart of all time. It was amazing. A fart joke? Bloody brilliant. If you saw Louis on Ricky Gervais’ Talking Funny on HBO, you would have seen Louis talking about this terrible joke he heard a parodist do two decades ago about ‘Sitting on a Dock in the Bay.’ It’s a terrible parody, not that funny, but Louis seemed to genuinely love it while Gervais and Jerry Seinfeld tried to deconstruct the irony of the joke and whether they thought it was funny or so bad they thought it was funny and that was ironic. Meanwhile, Louis C.K. and Chris Rock are sitting back laughing at the stupid joke. So the ending to this short makes complete sense, Louis likes the simple stupid jokes. Of course we get a fart joke. They’re hilarious.

‘Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttt.’ – Aunt Gretchen


So then cut to him back at the apartment with the neighbors and they have a sentimental moment but it leads into this stand up bit about making new friends. Now he chose to end the episode with a bunch of jokes about eating your friends assholes which really contrasts greatly with the short before it that seemed so… spiritual. I really marvel at how Louis C.K. is able to go back and forth with such extreme tonalities in such a short period time and still land every joke and emotional moment. It’s really a testament to how talented he is and how great this season is shaping up to be.

Also, you can’t really go out better than talking about eating your friend’s asshole so I’m going to end on just that. Happy tossing!