Louis C.K. and ‘Seinfeld’ Writer Team to Create CBS Sitcom

Louis C.K.So, here’s a bit of “Wait…really?” news: Louis C.K., the antithesis of mainstream comedy, is developing a sitcom pilot for the CBS network with Seinfeld writer Spike Feresten. The pilot will focus on a group of young creative types struggling with the achievement of their artistic goals in our current economy.

Now, the plot does have its share of potential for bleakness (C.K.’s signature theme). Perhaps the state of America’s economy will crush the dreams of this group, forcing them to accept unhappy lots professionally? Perhaps they will choose to commit to their art, but will as a result wind up penniless, alone and unfulfilled? It does seem that there are any number of ways this show might submit to the C.K. mentality. But will it?

CBS isn’t known for dark, depressing comedies. Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory tread more closely to upbeat moods and traditional styles of humor. How I Met Your Mother does take a more unconventional approach to story structure and its delivery of jokes, but all in all, the network’s taste in comedy series does not seem in tempo with anything C.K. might write.

So this begs the question: will C.K. change his style for the network? Will the network adopt a larger scope to welcome in a Louie-like series? Is the whole thing an Andy Kaufmanesque satire of American television?

No matter what, I’ll be watching.

Source: TVLine