Louis C.K. Has a Not Quite ‘Nice Time’ Planned for New Years: Late Last Night

Last night, Louis C.K. appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about the really “nice time” he is planning on having this New Years…which involves some sordid affairs (after tricking his daughters into going to bed early). He also likened his career to a colossal train accident. But in a good way.

Also on Late Night, Paula Patton visited to ask Jimmy Fallon how pretty he thinks she is, and pretending she had never heard of Tom Cruise in order to psych herself up for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Finally, Thomas Haden Church stopped by The Tonight Show to talk about shooting Santa Claus, hiring someone to steal his father’s washing machine on Christmas Eve and trying to convince 20th Century Fox to make the animals talk in We Bought a Zoo.