‘Love in the Wild’ Vicious Showdown — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

ALTEveryone who has ever watched the Discovery Channel knows that there is always imminent danger lurking in the wild. But on Love in the Wild, NBC’s addicting Survivor-meets-Bachelor dating game, that danger lies in the most unsuspecting of packages: It’s Jesse, the scheming so-called “one night stand who won’t go away” who had the audacity to have a “romantic encounter” with Tara, and then dump her the next day. ¡Escándalo!

Last week, “guy you bring home to mom” Ken confronted Jesse for his overgrown frat-boy ways at the dramatic elimination ceremony, and it looks like their battle will continue this week. You see, Jesse’s latest partner Ali was so turned off by his advances that she broke up long-term (two days or so) couple Michelle and Ben in order to continue in the competition without Jesse by her side. This didn’t sit well with the territorial Michelle, who basically slut-shames Ali in this exclusive clip. Not very nice, Michelle.

Check out Hollywood.com’s exclusive clip below, and be sure to watch Love in the Wild Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT. 

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