Luke Wilson’s Bad Dog: Late Last Night

David Letterman talked to Luke Wilson (Owen’s brother who occasionally crawls out of his cave to pretend like he’s just as good an actor) about his horrible dog that bit through a door and a poodle with a cardiologist.

And here’s Letterman’s Top Ten List, “Surprises in the Leaked Government Documents.” I knew people watched Cake Boss!

Stephen Colbert talked to Kevin Kline about pronunciation, and how the term “escorting a woman” should most certainly, unquestionably, undeniably include the duty of sleeping with her after they return from using their backstage passes at the Broadway hit, “Wicked.”

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Kevin Kline
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Jon Stewart and his ‘stache made out of highway paint talked about the 92,000+ page leak about the war in Afghanistan. But mind you – TOP SECRET is not like SECRET. SECRET is when you cheat on a test that asks you to draw a water molecule. TOP SECRET is when it doesn’t matter if you get the question wrong because you’re already sleeping with the teacher.

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Best Leak Ever
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