‘Lying Game’ Star Alexandra Chando Teases Finale Cliffhanger

Alexandra Chando The Lying Game ABC FamilyABC Family has continued to parlay the meteoric success of Pretty Little Liars into similar shows that have just about every teenage girl glued to her HDTV screen. Cliffhanger after cliffhanger has had network fans coming back for more every week to see Alexandra Chando’s bi-polar performances on The Lying Game, based on books by the Little Liars author. Fresh-faced Chando has taken on the role of both twin sisters Emma, the girl next door, and Sutton, who’s akin to Regina George from Mean Girls. She took a break from her fabricated dual personalities to tease the March 5 season finale, filled with Emma and Ethan drama, potential infidelity and a questionable wedding. She, like fans of the show, is also dying for the network to give the green light for a Season 2. With that in mind, she gave Hollywood.com a few fantastic reasons to tune in:

Chando Plays Both The Twins Eddie Murphy Style

“It’s fun, it’s a really good time, especially recently because Sutton has been such a riot. She has definitely been a trip to play … The quick changeovers are challenging and trying to differentiate the two but the writing lends itself to differentiating them and it’s gotten a lot easier.”

She Slapped Herself Last Week

“I have a double, her name is Nicky and she plays my double whenever I’m Emma or Sutton. Tons of special effects for that with camera angles and yeah, they were behind her and they used her for the slap. I reacted to it and then turned around and changed into Emma, and we did the same thing and I slapped her.”

She Has A Little Sutton In Her After All

“I relate more to Emma, she comes more naturally to me but there are obviously parts of me sprinkled into Sutton a little … I hate to say it … Yeah, she is a brat but I think it comes from a place of self defense. She was really hurt in the last episode when Ethan told her she means nothing to him and from that her walls went back up.”

Relationship Drama, Drama, Drama

“Things that have been going on between Ted and Kristin, Kristin’s questioning of Ted and his infidelity, and everything kind of comes to a head in the finale. Emma and Ethan again, Ethan is doing his best to try and apologize and make things right, and Emma is really hurt. She is heart broken and having a hard time trusting him.”

What’s All this About a Wedding?

“There’s a wedding between Alec and Rebecca, and the cliffhanger is pretty crazy. When I read it, my jaw was on the floor…The locket comes into play definitely in this episode and it brings about issues for Ted and Kristin for sure.”

Ethan Makes A Discovery That Is So Secret, Chando Can’t Make a Peep

“I can think of one thing but … yeah, I mmmm, I don’t know.”

Season 2: To Be or Not to Be?

“I’m very proud of all the work that we’ve all done and the first season. And there are talks of season 2. We’ve been doing really well in the ratings and ranking really well. I think we have a great show and are a great addition to the network. We’re just waiting on the network and hoping they feel the same way.”

The Lying Game airs tonight 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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