M. Night Shyamalan Is Creating a TV Show: We Guess the Twist

M. Night Shyamalan“I’ve got a new idea for a movie,” M. Night Shyamalan tells the world. “But here’s the twist — it’s a TV show.” Bwaaa?

That’s right, lovers of The Sixth Sense, likers of Unbreakable, and begrudging tolerators of Signs. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Shyamalan has opted to create his own TV pilot… which, from the sounds of it, is pretty darn Shyamalan-esque. The project, which the filmmaker is developing for Syfy, is called Proof. The story focuses on a wealthy young man whose parents die in a sudden accident, prompting him to seek out evidence of an afterlife in order to experience emotional closure. The hero publicizes his mission, offering a handsome reward to anyone who can prove to him that a life beyond ours on Earth does indeed exist. Deep, mystical, supernatural… as said, pretty darn Shyamalan-esque. So there’s only one thing left to figure out: what’s the twist?!

Theory #1: The son is the one who died in the accident!

And the search for proof of an afterlife is, in fact, what his afterlife has manifested itself to be.

Theory #2: Nobody died in the accident!

Instead, the entire ordeal is just the hero’s eccentric father’s means of teaching him about loss, life, and exploring our beliefs.

Theory #3: Everybody died in the accident!

Similar to Theory #1, except that literally everybody died in an unidentified apocalyptic event, and the search for an afterlife is just how the human race is destined to carry out its eternity.

Theory #4: The accident was no accident!

Foul play! Deceit! Murder! Maybe the son killed his parents as a means of inheriting their fortune and embarking upon this long-desired mystical quest! Maybe a jealous illegitimate child killed them to exact revenge over his abandonment! Maybe the butler did it!

Theory #5: It was Earth all along.

As the young hero claws desperately at the sands of the shoreline, he recognizes a familiar countenance in a tattered, gigantic structure nearby. The Statue of Liberty! But that would mean… wait, no, this doesn’t really apply here. Theory #5.2: It was all just a dream. Yeah, that’s better.

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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