‘Mad Men’ Meets ’30 Rock’ in a Hilarious Mashup Tumblr

Mad Men Jon HammAMC

People have always liked television. But now that we have the Internet at our disposal, we can like television in new, inventive, absurdly time-consuming ways. For instance: Mad Rock, a Tumblr devoted to celebrating the AMC drama mad Men and our dear departed NBC friend 30 Rock. Although on the surface the two couldn’t be more different (despite their shared investment in Jon Hamm and Old Spanishes), the ingenious creators of this website have managed to find some common ground between the small screen favorites. Mad Rock takes quotes from 30 Rock‘s 7-season run and places them in the mouths of Mad Men characters, oftentimes in scenes that dedicated fans can recognize as thematically similar.

With occasional variation, Don Draper takes on the role of Jack Donaghy, Peggy Olson becomes Liz Lemon, and Roger Sterling embodies none other than Tracy Jordan. Mad Rock offers a familiarity with and appreciation for both sets of characters that results in hilarity. Peruse, if you have an hour to spare (we’re still scrolling through the many pages on the Tumblr over here… our afternoon is doomed, in the best possible way).

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