‘Mad Men’ Deal: Only 3 More Seasons, Regular Cast is Safe

Mad MenUpdate: Yes, Matthew Weiner is back. He did get $30 Million, he is cutting two minutes from each episode, there will be more product placement and all of that makes us groan a little. However, there is some further news to attach to that. Apparently, Weiner’s deal includes keeping the cast of regulars safe until “creative decisions” allow for their release. That could be complete bullshit, but let’s try to retain our optimism. The other news bit is that Weiner says these three seasons will be the show’s last. While I feel like we could watch Mad Men forever, they’d soon reach post-60s territory and wouldn’t it be better to go out with a bang than try to hang on and make the 70s look just as glamorous as the 60s? They weren’t that glamorous. This would a futile effort.

Earlier: After months of anguish and a week of stress over reports about outlandish demands keeping the man who created our beloved Mad Men from returning for further seasons, we have a deal. Matthew Weiner will return for two more seasons of Mad Men with a possible seventh. Great, right? Well mostly, anyway. Weiner is submitting to the time cuts for each episode, relinquishing two minutes of each 47 minute episode to allow for more advertising. There’s been no word on whether or not the rumored actor cuts are part of Weiner’s new deal. Even so, we should take the victories we can. Mad Men will be back and it will return with the right man at the helm. Huzzah…or something less nerdy.

Source: The Wrap, Deadline