‘Mad Men’ Recap: Blowing Smoke

S4:E12 Last night’s episode of Mad Men picked up right where we left it off last week. We saw Don having a meeting with someone from Heinz, who was dissatisfied with the way his advertisement agency was handling his beans. He seemed to be pleased with Don’s ideas (like that beans are a substantial food and they therefore don’t have to rely on humor to sell it, because it’s not a condiment or a pickle or a kazoo), but refused to completely hand over his business to SCDP because he wasn’t sure if the agency would be around in six to eight months. Don even offered him a discounted commission if would be allowed to present a few ideas to him, but the bean guy said no, and that Don should let the “account boys” handle this one. Uh oh, ageism! Right? That’s ageism!

It ended with Don firing people, and them crying into their boxes. But it’s the sixties, and like Midge said: heroin is a full time job!