‘Mad Men’ Recap: Chinese Wall

S4:E11 Man, has Don taken a beating these last few episodes! Anna in California died, the government almost found out he’s not really Don Draper, and his secretary died at her desk! Unfortunately, what happened to Don this episode was nothing that had ever happened before: his world really started to cave in, and it wasn’t because Sally moved to the red light district because she could safely masturbate there, as opposed to in Ossining.

The episode started with Peggy spending the day at Jones Beach with Joyce and her great friend Abe, who Peggy told off a few episodes ago for not feeling the same passion about women’s rights as he felt for the civil rights movement. She spent the whole ride back to Manhattan sitting on his lap, and he tried to make up for his previous indecencies by brushing any remaining seawater off her arms. Apparently it was enough of an apology because Peggy brought him back to her apartment in Brooklyn, where they had sex because she doesn’t do that kind of thing, because the people who always do that kind of thing were sick of their current crowd and were looking for pledges.

Don went home to his apartment to find Faye waiting there for him to tell him how she set up a meeting with him and the people at Heinz. Don did not tell her he just slept with his secretary, because he had ketchup and beans on the brain.