‘Mad Men’s’ Rich Sommer Headed to the CW?

Rich SommerWell, the good news is that while Rich Sommer will be taking a little break from all the non-action over on Mad Men where the future is still unclear, it will be a short stint. He’s set for a two-episode arc on the CW’s Nikita where he won’t be playing a super sexy spy or CIA agent. Nope. He’ll be playing…drumroll please…A GIANT NERD. Sommer will play an electrical engineer and CIA consultant who helps with a few break ins that will help snowball into the show’s season finale. I’m glad the guy’s keeping busy, but thank God he’s only doing this for a few episodes. The world needs Harry Crane and even if Mad Men is stuck in production purgatory forever, Rich Sommer is way too talented to be wasted some super sexy spy show on the CW.

Source: TVLine