‘Mad Men’: Season 6 Promo Photos of Jon Hamm and Co. Are Chic, Smoldering 

What a glorious day it’s been for Mad Men fans. First came the announcement that after a not-quite-as-long-hiatus, the return date for the eagerly anticipated Season 6 would be April 7. Then, AMC upped the excitement ante by releasing some seriously chic and sexy black and white promo photos of Don Draper, Peggy Olson, Roger Sterling, a svelte Betty Draper Francis (sorry Fat Betty fans, she appears to be no more), and co.

Like Mad Men promo photos of years past, there will be plenty of theories as to what’s going on in the vague, albeit sleek shots. Does Don’s (Jon Hamm, who is wearing the hell out of that tux) frustrated, far-off look while wife Megan (Jessica Paré) leans down to him spell trouble? Does Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) looking as stoic and headstrong as ever, even as Don looks down admirably at her, mean she’s never coming back to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce? Why do the happy-looking (who would have ever guessed that) employees of SCDP look so damn happy? In the end, these pictures will probably give us just about as many clues as those frustrating “on the next episode” preview teasers… which is to say not much at all. Still, one thing is for certain: Christina Hendricks sure knows how to work a room.

Check out the stunning photos below. Don’t worry, April 7 will be here before you know it.





[Photo credits: AMC]


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