7 Things We Want From ‘Mad Men’ Season 7

Mad Men, Season 7AMC

Mad Men is one of those shows that takes very little improving – it’s basically flawless. That said, here’s a little list of things we think could make Season 7 the season to end all seasons:

More Joan

Last season did not have nearly enough of Joan. How I wish all of the time we wasted on Sylvia Rosen’s angst was spent on Joan instead. We never even got to see the moment that she successfully closed the deal with Avon! Though, presumably, with Avon as one of Sterling Cooper and Partner’s biggest accounts, we’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

Less Betty

Let’s take all of Betty’s screentime and donate it to the Joan Harris-Holloway fund. January Jones can be a real emotionless wooden plank sometimes, and on a show with such phenomenal performers, why give the time to her?

More Ginsberg

So, Ginsberg seemed to be slowly but surely losing it last season (what was with the Martian transmissions?). Unfortunately, everybody was too caught up trying to figure out who the heck Bob Benson was, so we lost out on some good Ginsberg screentime too.

More Don + Roger

Okay, let’s be real: their chemistry is off the charts. Last season, we got shorted on Roger/Don scenes, as Don was busy drinking himself out of his senior partner position (no mean feat, when you think about it). But they did share a nice moment in the finale – even as they put him on forced leave, Roger looks remorseful (as remorseful as Roger can get, at least) as he utters the infamous “You s**t the bed in there” line.

More Peggy + Don

No, not that kind of “Peggy and Don.” I ship a lot of pairings, but Peggy and Don are not one of them (though apparently, the real people they were based off of got married). That said, like Don and Roger, they have wonderful (platonic) chemistry. “The Suitcase” remains one of my favorite episodes, and their ultra-emotional goodbye at the end of season 5 packed quite the wallop.

More Pete + Failure

Now, there’s something I ship. Pete falling down the stairs in a fit of rage/crashing a Chevy/”Not great, BOB!” were all some of the best moments of last season. I’m not pulling for a Lane Pryce-style exit (too soon?), but there is something lovely about seeing smarmy Pete’s life come crashing down around his ears (just like his hairline).

Peggy + an actually good love interest

I just want Peggy to be happy, okay? Let her make Ted Chaouoaough eat his heart out. Lots of people want her to end up with Stan, but I’m not sure how I feel about that. He definitely gives off some deviant vibes sometimes.

So there’s what I want from Season 7 – mainly for Peggy to take over the world and to finally stop going after married men who are way beneath her league. What do you want? Share in the comments!