Which Don Draper Do You Prefer?

Which Don Draper Do You Prefer?

Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Don Draper (Jon Hamm) - Mad Men _ Season 6, Episode 9 _ 'The Better Half' - Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC

Jon Hamm, Mad MenAMC

Those who watch Mad Men know that there are essentially two Don Drapers. 

The first Don is a boozing, scheming, cheating drunk who cares only about himself. This is the Don that manipulates his fellow man in the pursuit of profit and lies to his wife and children about his affairs. Based on the interactions on numerous message boards, some viewers love this Don and think he’s a hoot, and the rest find his selfishness loathsome. Below is a scene in which Don, a married man, seduces a married woman. 

The second Don strives to be more honest and sincere. This is the Don that resists having affairs and screwing people over, and instead aims to change his bad behavior. Some fans of the series understandably prefer this Don and hope that he remains a good person, while others prefer the first Don’s morally corrupt ways. Here is a scene in which Don explains why he can’t advertise for tobacco companies for moral reasons. 

Although Jon Hamm‘s iconic character is more complex than I make it, this moral identity crisis more or less grounds the series in a sophistication other television serials aren’t able to match. Don is genuinely interested in doing the right thing, but he inevitably must contend with the fact that part of him enjoys being a bastard. As we prepare for the final episodes of this AMC masterpiece, it’s difficult to determine which Don will prevail in the end.

Which Don do you want to see more of in this final season? Cast your vote below.