‘Made in Jersey’ Finds New Life on the Weekends



Live from New Jersey, it’s Saturday night!

Such will be the proclamation ringing out through the streets of Hoboken, Seaside, Newark, and the IMAX Theater at the Liberty Science Center. The Garden State is finding new life on CBS’ weekend lineup. Made in Jersey, a legal drama that the network cancelled earlier this season, is being revived and relocated to the rarely-promising Saturday night spot. Previously occupying the equally undesirable night of Friday, Made in Jersey was pulled from the airways after two low-rated episodes (on Sept. 28 and Oct. 5). Deadline reports an official revival of the series beginning on Saturday, Nov. 24.

CBS undertook a similar practice with its ultimately ill-fated sitcom How to Be a Gentleman last season. The show began on Fridays in the fall of 2011, suffered a temporary cancellation, revived on Saturdays in the spring of ’12, and was eventually pulled altogether.

Made in Jersey stars Janet Montgomery as a blue collar Jersey-born attorney and outsider among her colleagues at a crème de la crème Manhattan law firm.

[Photo Credit: CBS]


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