Mae Whitman ‘Definitely’ Will Be On New Season of ‘Arrested Development’

Mae WhitmanWho? Ann. Her? Yes. If you ask us, it’s as Ann as the nose on Plain’s face that Ann needs to be a part of the new season of Arrested Development. And you know who agrees? Mae Whitman. spoke with Whitman on Sunday and she told us that she absolutely, positively wants to be a part of the excitement.

“I’ve always been like ‘Oh I don’t want to give anything away,’ but I definitely, definitely wouldn’t ever let this chance go by without being a part of it,” Whitman said. “I told Mitch [Hurwitz] that I would stand outside the sound stage until he would let me just walk through the background or something.”

Whitman continued, “I would say yes, you can definitely expect to find a little bit of Ann hiding in the background somewhere, at least.”

“At least” is right! We would like to go on record right here, right now, to say that Whitman deserves more than a cameo in Arrested Development‘s new season. Not only do we need more Egg/Ann jokes to fill our hearts with laughter, but Ann plays a fairly large role in the series’ non-finale. In the final episode of Season 3, we learn that Ann has been dating G.O.B. It was as shocking a revelation for the audience as it was for George Michael, who punched his uncle in the face upon hearing the news. Now, we can’t be the only ones eager to hear where things went from here.

In all seriousness, Whitman has proven herself to be a superb dramatic actress by tackling meaty roles in films such as the upcoming Perks of Being a Wallflower, but we are eager to see her return to her comedic roots. Throw the girl a mayonegg, Mitch, and write her a good-sized part in Arrested‘s new season.

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