Maggie Smith’s BAFTA Nod: All Hail the ‘Downton Abbey’ Dowager

Maggie Smith Downton AbbeyGet your gasps out now: Downton Abbey was only nominated for a single BAFTA award this year. However, that nod went to the force of acidic feminine wiles that is Maggie Smith, so that should come as some form of comfort.

Smith was rumored to be leaving the beloved British series, set in a manor in the English countryside, supposedly of her own accord. Supposedly, she had asked to be written off of the show (say it shan’t be so!), but a rep for the series told The New York Times that it was a bunch of bunk. And now that she’s the sole BAFTA-recognized representative of the show, let’s hope she’s not planning on asking for a dramatic exit again anytime soon. Then again, an award may be the swan song she’s hoping for. (I repeat, say it shan’t be so!)
She’s yet to sign anything (that we know of) for future seasons, but for now we’ll have to take the rep’s word that “she’s not planning on leaving” and the BAFTA recognition. Thank the lords for Miss Maggie!
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