Malcolm Gladwell And Mark Wahlberg Team Up For HBO Drama

Malcolm GladwellHoly crap, Mark Wahlberg is all over HBO. The man has his hands in four current shows on the channel: Entourage (based on his life), How To Make It In America, In Treatment, and Boardwalk Empire. Boardwalk was the biggest surprise for me because apparently I don’t watch the show and his name comes up at the end. Guess I should start watching it. Not that I’ll watch everything of Marky Mark’s. Nothing will get me to watch Entourage. Not even Sasha Grey and I’ve seen like a million other things… she’s been… in. I should probably stop talking about that.

Anyway, Mark Wahlberg is teaming up with Malcolm Gladwell to bring a CIA drama to HBO. The show will take place in Cold War Berlin and follows a missionary who becomes wrapped up with the CIA. Other key players in the project are Charles Randolph (who wrote The Interpreter) and Stephen Levinson (a producing partner of Wahlberg’s). Randolph will write the script though Gladwell will contribute as they are friends (awww).

How Malcolm Gladwell will fair is still up in the air. He’s a great writer. If he does present some semi-common knowledge ideas, at least he writes them in an entertaining way. How many seasons does it take to accumulate 10,000 hours of practice for a television show? Perhaps this show will reach a core group of people who will spread the word and it will reach a tipping point! Did Mark Wahlberg instantly recognize the potential of this show and jump on board? Another snarky reference to one of his books.

Source: Deadline