‘Man Vs. Wild’ Will Get a Dose of Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake GyllenhaalI know everyone loves to hate on Bear Grylls because he puts himself in these ridiculous situations just so he can show us how he can turn a tree frog into an entire feast, or fashion his tube socks into a shelter, or — of course — drink his own pee whenever it takes him more than two seconds to find fresh water. Sure, if he really screwed up, he’d have a crew jump to his rescue and he’s never really in that much danger because it’s television, not really THE WILD, but hey, the dude is still doing some incredible things that you or I could never or would never do, and it’s pretty damn entertaining. Now, let’s add to all this entertaining wildernessing the fact that Grylls brought along actor Jake Gyllenhaal for one of his adventures and you’ve got yourself some fine entertainment.

That’s right, on the July 11 premiere of Man Vs. Wild, Gyllenhaal will try his best to keep up with the wilderness expert and part-time crazy person as they spend two days facing the unrelenting freezing cold, striking mountains and glaciers, and general forlornness of the Icelandic tundra. Alright, now we KNOW they’ve got a million people on hand to keep them safe. There’s no way they’d let that perfectly chiseled face get a single scratch on it (and for that we thank you, Discovery Channel producers). Until this manly shindig goes down on Discovery, we’ve got the preview here so you can see just how dangerous things get for the pair…wait, are they laughing through this whole trailer? Come on, Gyllenhaal! Aren’t you going to like, go swimming naked in a lake filled with glacier chunks? Or maybe you could pee on your shirt and wear it on your head to keep you cool? Oh wait, that’s really only “appropriate” in the desert, but you get my drift.

Source: EW