Marc Anthony Cast on TNT’s ‘HawthoRNe’

Marc AnthonyMaybe all this attention his wifey is getting from that judging gig on American Idol is making Marc Anthony a little jealous, because he just took a role alongside Jada Pinkett Smith on her TNT hour-long drama, HawthoRNe. He’s already showed up on two episodes last season and this new contract has him reprising that expanded role in season three. I don’t really understand why he’s been asked to come on board for Smith’s drama other than the fact that he hasn’t really had a hit since 1999’s “I Need to Know” and he’s probably getting pretty bored. Apparently, he’s acted before in a handful of projects including El Cantante, the film he made with Jennifer Lopez that was almost universally panned by critics, but I’m pretty sure most of us never noticed. Even so, maybe he’s got some hidden talent — especially since most of us haven’t seen two minutes of any acting that he’s actually done — and he’ll become what John Lithgow was to Dexter: a pretty awesome recurring character. Okay, he probably won’t be that awesome, but he’ll probably be just what we’d expect from a former mega famous singer-turned-pop-star’s-husband-turned-TNT-show-character.

Source: THR

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