Margaret Cho’s Stripping Won’t Help Her On ‘DWTS’: Late Last Night

Surely you’ve been following the latest developments in terms of the newest Dancing with the Stars cast. I know David Plouffe was on Meet the Press last Sunday, and it’s been hard to keep up with the stars who will be dancing because if you’re like my neighbor M, you’ve spent the last few days praising his sit down with David Gregory and thinking I dress too much like Britney Spears for someone who has a business card and knows trash day is always on Tuesday never on Wednesday. But you’re not 85 years old and you know this season of DWTS will be more fun than trying to decide if a Plouffe is a desert or a kind of weed. Here’s Margaret Cho talking to Jimmy Fallon about what we can expect.

And here’s Ashley Tisdale, thinking we care about where she lives.

Katie Holmes talked to David Letterman about being sick and putting Vick’s Vapor Rub on herself. Nobody thought it was funny…except for Tom Cruise, who maintained it was such a “Katie.”

Stephen Colbert did not win an Emmy, but the not-at-all success of Glenn Beck’s rally compelled him to ask his goose, Geese Witherspoon, if he should hold a rally himself.

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And midterm elections, all! The Democrats are supposed to get crushed by the Republicans. But what did the President agree to do so that doesn’t happen? Give us all clean roads and highways so we don’t have to keep adopting them anymore!

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