Maria Shriver Turns Down Broadcasting Offers

maria shriverThe economy may be rough for the rest of the world, but Maria Shriver will never have to worry about finding work.  Broadcast and cable network sources reveal that Shriver has been getting several job offers ranging from talk show host to joining news organizations, but she’s turning them all down — for the time being at least.  She clearly has enough drama and stress going on in her life right now with the divorce from former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  So who can really blame her for wanting to get out of the media spotlight for a while? 

It’s been a network feeding frenzy with broadcasters trying to nab an interview with the ex-Mrs. Schwarzenegger, but an insider claims that Shriver has “a special place in her heart for Oprah” so if there ever is any interview it will probably fall to her (because who can say no to Oprah).  But for right now Shriver is satisfied with simply being a full-time mom.  She doesn’t want to have to worry about a full time job and let’s face it, with a settlement that could potentially hit the $200 million mark, she won’t ever have to worry about having a job ever again.

Source: TMZ