Mark Burnett To Produce Another OWN Show

mark burnettAHA! Oprah‘s mission to OWN everything is underway and fast approaching (we’ll lose the Discovery Health Channel to it in January) but producer Mark Burnett seems to be the one with rocking the sceptor with a butterfly in a ball of amber on top. He’s already signed on to produce Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star, and now he’s agreed to produce a daytime talk show that’s similar to The View… why, because the first one isn’t enough? I think it is. I always have. I’m pretty sure Barbara Walters does too, seeing as she’s had to have her heart replaced while she’s manned that show.

Is this a sign that Oprah’s dishing out all the responsibility for her new network? Is Mark Burnett the expensive dog trainer to Oprah’s new purebred puppy with the Coach Christmas sweater? Probably, yes. But how sensitive and in touch with his emotions and spirituality can Mark Burnett really be? He produces Survivor, a show where people have to eat beetles if they want to call home and hear the coos of the children they left with their alcoholic husbands. The whole point of Oprah having a network is that she cuts back on her responsibilities, yes, and a part of that is certainly farming out production and Shemi-hanging duties. But asking Mark Burnett to hit the lights and coach a bunch of women on how to talk about a racist rant affecting feminism? That’s just not even very British.

Source: NYP