Marc Maron Puts All His Famous Friends (and His Neurosis) On Display in ‘Maron’ Trailer

Credit: IFC

The upcoming IFC comedy series Maron looks to be one part of comedian Marc Maron‘s wildly popular WTF podcast, one part celebrity guest showcase, and one part fictionalization of his own neurotic take on life, success, dating, and friendships. Imagine an even more pessimestic Louie (which Maron has appeared on) combined with a live-action Ricky Gervais Show, if you can. At least, that’s what we’ve gathered from the first trailer of the show, which kicks off its first ten-episode season on Friday, May 3 on IFC. 

The minute-long clip wastes no time in showing who Maron got on board for his series. In addition to Judd Hirsch and Sally Kellerman playing his crazy parents, his famous friends like Adam Scott, Gina Gershon, Illeana Douglas, Denis Leary, Danny Trejo, Dave Foley, Mark Duplass, Audrey Plaza, Jeff Garlin, and Anthony Jeselnik are just a few of the familiar faces that pop up. 

If Maron’s sense of humor is already your particular cup of dry and witty tea, then Maron should be just your taste and it should tide you over until Portlandia brings back its own brand of smart snark to the network. Watch the star-filled video here: 

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