‘Married to Jonas’: Kevin and Danielle Have Bananas in Bed?

Married to JonasMarried to Jonas. You think it would mean endless shopping trips to the most expensive designers on New York City’s 5th Avenue and non-stop spa visits in preparation for tons of glamorous parties. But like any other marriage, Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa face their ups and downs too, and on Sunday night, we got a taste of what being Married to Jonas is all about.

A Banana in Bed

Good Christian boy Kevin Jonas. Well, so much for that one, as Jonas’ purity ring-wearing days are a thing of the past. His marriage to Deleasa (they tied the knot on Dec. 19, 2009) seems to have changed him. During the opening scene, the wildest dreams of teenage girls circa 2009 finally came true when we got a glimpse at Jonas’ intimate bedroom. There was one problem, though… Deleasa was laying in Jonas’ king-sized bed, and he couldn’t help but make a joke about Deleasa wanting to be a wife that can impress in the bedroom. Gross!

married to jonas

But that wasn’t the only sexually awkward moment of the premiere. During another scene, Deleasa was in the kitchen cooking up a storm with her mother and two sisters when Jonas came back from a grocery run. In the middle of some back-and-forth joking, Jonas took it a step too far when he talked about Danielle liking having “bananas” in bed. Bananas in bed? Was he talking about a sex toy? Of course Deleasa got pissed about this. What girl wants her mom to know that she plays with “bananas” (if that really is what Jonas was talking about)? Thank goodness the joke went right over her mother and sisters’ heads, and probably most of the audiences’ as well.

Meet Big Ang’s Replacement

During Season 2 of Mob Wives, we were introduced to the wonder that is Big Ang (Angela Raiola), the mafiosa queen who rules all of Staten Island with her gorgeous lips and big smile. But she’s not the only one who knows how to cook up a storm. During the premiere of Married to Jonas, we met the new breakout star of reality TV: Deleasa’s father, Bucky Deleasa. Not only does he show up at his daughter’s house whenever he wants with no warning at all, but he is a self-proclaimed expert on all things culinary, and he lets you know it, too. Click here to watch a clip to understand why this guy is just awesome!

bucky deleasa

A Jonas Meeting or Dinner?

It’s quite intimidating to prepare a dinner for your husband’s whole family, especially when they are the famous Jonases. Deleasa did her best to to whip up a tasty meal, even enlisting her sisters and mother to help with the preparations (they didn’t even score an invite after all this). But when the Jonas family finally sat down for dinner, forget them talking about Deleasa’s wonderfully home-cooked Italian meal. It was straight to business, and how the upcoming Jonas tour would effect Deleasa and Kevin’s plan for having a baby. Pass the ravioli please, and when are you going to pop one out? What a perfect dinner-table conversation: the sauce on the pasta. Yikes. Talk about being uncomfortable. Not something I will ever discuss with my in-laws over supper (if I ever get married).

Did you catch the premiere of Married to Jonas on E! Sunday night? If so, which scene was your favorite?

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