Martin Scorsese Approves Of ‘Goodfellas’ Prequel TV Show

Martin ScorseseAs far back as I can remember, I never thought a Goodfellas prequel television show was a good idea. After the sting of the palms against the faces had faded, I begged and pleaded with Martin Scorsese to say it wasn’t so. Tell me they wouldn’t try to make a television show out of Goodfellas. Do you not remember what happened to Animal House?

Alas, it seems my begging and pleading was for nothing. According to Nicholas Pileggi (the author of Wiseguy, the novel which the movie was based off of), Martin Scorsese is on board the adaptation and wants to do it. Not to cast any doubts on the validity of that statement, but Pileggi is almost 80 years old and married to Nora Ephron. Who knows what is going on inside that man’s head. I’m just saying.

But despite my cynicism, who knows, this could be an amazing television show. The world of organized crime has long been stranded in feature films, it’s about time it was brought to the small screen. After all, The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire haven’t exactly covered the territory very well. And it’s not like Scorsese has any direct involvement in Boardwalk Empire and that any Goodfellas the TV show would be a direct competitor to it. Nope, not like that at all. Smart move fellas. Smart move.

Source: Cinematical