Martin Short To Join ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Martin ShortWould your decision to watch a TV show ever be influenced in either direction by the inclusion of Dave Foley to the cast? Since we don’t have the availability of back and forth, I’m going to accept your continued reading as a “No.” How about Martin Short? Yes. Maybe. Maybe you wouldn’t speed home to make sure you don’t miss the opening tag, but there’d definitely be a spark of interest. Well, How I Met Your Mother recently lost potential recurring star Foley, but instead the show gained a more worthy cast member in the form of Martin Short. Short will play Marshall’s (Jason Segel) new boss in a multi-episode arc.

Aside from displaying a hidden dramatic side on the last season of Damages, Short has been absent from television acting since ending his stint on Primetime Glick in 2003. Watching his recent interview with Conan O’Brien (who is also set to guest star on How I Met Your Mother…in a different capacity) reminded me that the comedian actually has some fire to him, and will probably be a refreshing addition to the How I Met Your Mother formula.

Source: Vulture