Marvel’s Live-Action TV Series: We Cast It!

There are some big things brewing in the Disney vat, comic book fans. Ever since that little movie called The Avengers came along, the whole industry has been wondering what Marvel’s next step will be — and Disney CEO Bob Iger may have just revealed it.

Yesterday, Iger announced the news that the film’s director Joss Whedon (of Firefly and Buffy fame) would return to write and direct The Avengers 2. On top of that glorious announcement, Iger also revealed another interesting tidbit of information: that, as part of the deal, Whedon would help develop a new live-action television series for ABC, featuring Marvel characters. What’s that? A Whedon-esque return to television, with superheroes!? Why don’t I just hand over all my empty DVR space now!?

Of course, now that we know that TV is in Disney/Marvel’s lens, the question becomes: what will this show be about? Or, perhaps more importantly, who will it be about? There are hundreds of characters in the Marvel repertoire, some (like Iron Man) more prolific than others (say, Squirrel Girl or Doorman). Since there are so many to choose from, I tapped into my limited comic book knowledge to dredge up some potential characters who may be swell candidates to lead an Avengers-themed TV show — and just for the hell of it, I cast it, too.

ironlad_620_080812.jpgThe Attractive Leading Man: Nate Richards (Iron Lad)

Played by: Logan Marshall-Green

One obvious choice for a TV-ready leading man is Nate Richards — strapping, handsome, and with a killer twist: he grows up to become Kang the Conqueror! Talk about interior conflict.


patriot_620_080812.jpgThe Best Friend: Eli Bradley (Patriot)

Played by: Michael Jordan

In order to fill the best friend slot, Bradley would have to be demoted from the leader of the Young Avengers (a group that itself would make for an excellent primetime program). But Iron Lad and Patriot would be the perfect television echoes to Iron Man and Captain America’s cinematic sparring.


spiderwoman_620_080812.jpgThe Love Interest: Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman)

Played by: Laura Osnes

You know what they say: when you can’t get the rights to Spider-Man, you get the next best thing… Spider-Woman. Who would blame you for getting Broadway belle Laura Osnes into a form-fitting suit?


colossus_620_080812.jpgThe Hunky Mentor: Piotr Rasputin (Colossus)

Played by: Joe Manganiello

The network would have to drop Piotr’s heavy Russian-ness in favor of something more American-casual. Like Pete.



The Sensitive One: William Kaplan (Wiccan)

Played by: Aaron Tveit

Kaplan could easily act as the real heart of the show — a young superhero struggling to come to terms with mutant villains and his sexuality.



The Sassy Chick: Emma Frost

Played by: Margot Robbie

True, Frost can be villainous, but sometimes cold-hearted bitches can be the most fun. Screw that — they’re always the most fun.



The Precocious Child: Franklin Richards

Played by: Chandler Riggs

Only because Kiernan Shipka wasn’t available.



The Celebrity Villain: Wilson Fisk (Kingpin)

Played by: Terry O’Quinn

Who’s the first season’s Big Bad? None other than crime boss Kingpin, as played by the cueballed O’Quinn. This, of course, is brilliant casting.