Matt Damon Gets Too Close to a Fan’s Wife: Late Last Night

Last night, a very bald Matt Damon stopped by The Late Show to talk about accidentally crossing the line with a man’s wife in the park one afternoon, and to take a Christmas picture with Letterman.

Katherine Heigl showed up on The Tonight Show to discuss her new movie New Year’s Eve, and the down-side to being married to a rock star: living on a bus, and frequenting truck stops.

Sarah Jessica Parker visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about Christmas in her household, and how, alongside all of her tireless work to make the holidays special, her husband Matthew Broderick has invented the most popular tradition of putting things in pots.

Finally, also on Late Night, the great Patton Oswalt talked about one of the greatest moments in television history: a prank he played on King of Queens where he remained ENTIRELY STILL for an entire scene…and then some.