Matt Lauer Wants to Leave ‘Today’ Too

Matt LauerWell, Today fans, the good news is that unlike his costar, Meredith Vieira, who could leave the morning show as early as September, Matt Lauer’s contract won’t be up until 2012. The bad news is that he’s planning to chart a new path once his contract hits its expiration date in December 2012. The LA Times speculates that he might be hoping to reunite with former Today co-host Katie Couric on her new venture, but nothing’s really certain at this point. With all this shuffling around, it looks like we may (MAY) still have Anne Curry, though her contract is coming up for negotiation as well, and good ol’ Al “Here’s what’s happening in your neck of the woods” Roker will stick around. I’m guessing that strange guy who does the Smuckers Birthday announcements will continue to read those from various sunny locations in Florida, the lucky bastard. (Seriously, his job is to stand somewhere sunny and say happy birthday to adorable old people. Best gig ever.)

Now, don’t panic. It will be okay. Remember when Couric left and everyone thought they’d never enjoy morning news again? Well, Today is the number one morning show, so I think we’re okay.

Source: LA Times