McG’s Multi-Platform ‘Aim High’ Lands ‘Twilight’s’ Rathbone

More like Wrathbone, amirightWelcome to the future, the world of multi-platform entertainment where web series that you watch on your iPad complement the show you watch on your television while you simultaneously read the character’s twitter account on your Blackberry. Just kidding, of course. No one will have a Blackberry in a year. But in all reality, get ready for a bunch of media synergy and organic virility and other corporate buzz words as “they” try to cram everything they sell into one immersive package.

Leading the pack is Charlie’s Angels director, McG, who just cast Twilight’s Jackson Rathbone in the lead for Aim High. The multi-platform… ummm series? event? telethon? follows a typical teenager (Rathbone, who is 25) as he makes his way through a new school where he crushes on a cute girl (Aimee Teegarden of Friday Night Lights and Stupid Names, A Defining List) who has a boyfriend that threatens to beat him up if he looks at her wrong. Oh, and he also happens to be a spy. So how will he be able to stop the Russians from stealing the plans AND make it to prom? Be sure to catch it on your Aim High mobile App!

I’m all for cross promotion and developing other mediums as mediums of story telling, but this just seems crass. Maybe because it’s the guy that produced The O.C. and the other dude from The Last Airbender. Or it could be the director, Thor Freudenthal, who made Hotel For Dogs. But in all honesty, I’m just jealous of all these guys’ awesome names.

Source: Warner Premiere