Mekhi Phifer Joins ‘Torchwood’

Mekhi PhiferDoctor Who, and by association Torchwood, has long been considered lovable British television, but in America it’s only for nerds. Luckily Starz is hoping to change that by bringing Torchwood (the more accessible of the two) to America (co-producing with the BBC) and have just announced their first lead actor. Mekhi Phifer will play an ambitious CIA agent who has a brush with death that causes him to reconsider his mortality. He is joined by the two remaining members of the original cast John Barrowman and Eve Myles. Phifer’s fixation on mortality should cleverly contrast Barrowman’s immortal Captain Jack.

I would like to congratulate Phifer on becoming the first person to be name dropped by Eminem and join the canon of the Who-verse. A distinguished honor indeed.

Source: Deadline