Melissa McCarthy Works Her Bridesmaids Magic on ‘SNL’

Melissa McCarthy Works Her Bridesmaids Magic on ‘SNL’

Saturday’s Saturday Night Live was the show’s 1600th show, and host Melissa McCarthy was successful in evoking celebratory laughs in all of us. Of course, they were not in honor of the accomplishment that is SNL having 1600 shows (because most of them in recent years have been bad). Instead, our joy was based on Melissa’s thorough understanding of sketch comedy and her supreme willingness to embrace it, and she instilled in us a hope that this 37th season could actually be a delightfully good one.

In fact, there were three instances where she particularly shined and seemed to guarantee a good season. The first was in the monologue, where she and Kristen Wiig reunited on stage and danced very beautifully, both for the audience directly and then again behind a screen.

Then things really heated up when Melissa was Arlene, the coworker who expresses her attraction to a married man she works with in completely honorable ways that are hardly noticeable.

And finally, we were ecstatic when Melissa was Linda, the overzealous woman hoping to make $50 by being the person who best describes some of Hidden Valley Ranch’s newest salad dressings.