The Men of ‘Reign’ Are Our New TV Crushes

ReignThe CW

If there is one thing The CW is good at, it’s creating teen dramas that are chock full of attractive people. For now, let’s talk about Reign and all the handsome men at French court. Whether we’re drooling over Bash, ogling Prince Francis, or wishing we were Greer hanging out in the kitchens watching Leith cook, we’re secretly — or not-so-secretly — crushing on the men of Reign.

Alan Van Sprang

As far kings who can’t keep it in their pants go, Van Sprang plays a pretty attractive King Henry. He’s got a devilish sort of charm and if King Henry can woo both Kenna and Diane, he must be doing something right.

Rossif Sutherland

Though Nostradamus is often the bearer of bad news — like really horrible news — he does have a sort of quiet power that can be extremely attractive. Sutherland, once he’s out of the giant robes usually worn by Nostradamus, is also not hard on the eyes.

Jonathan Keltz

As Leith, the kitchen boy who’s stolen Greer’s heart, Keltz is charming, funny, down to earth, and he can cook. What more could a girl want in a guy? Though he hasn’t been in too many episodes of Reign, we would love to see more of him. (We’re sure Greer and Reign’s female fanbase would as well.)

Torrance Coombs

Have you seen his eyes? Are they green? Blue? Coombs has the swoon-worthy penetrating eyes thing down, but we hear he’s kind of nerd — not that it’s a bad thing! Caitlin Stasey (who plays Kenna) told The TV Addict, “He’s got those husky eyes and yet he’s the biggest dork you’ll ever meet in your entire life.” Awww.

Toby Regbo

Arguably Coombs and Regbo are equally attractive, but Regbo has the boy-next-door sort of charm to Coombs’s bad boy look. Regbo is the kind of guy you wouldn’t mind taking home to meet the folks, and from what we’ve seen on Reign, he looks like a half-decent kisser as well.