Michael Douglas Talks About Throat Cancer: Late Last Night

Last night, Michael Douglas appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, and told Dave about his new film, Wall Street 2, but also talked about his stage 4 cancer diagnosis. He finished his first week of Chemotherapy and radiation, and recalled how he spent the summer traveling with his family only to come back to the states only to be told how advanced the situation really was.

Kim Kardashian went on Leno to promote her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and relayed what it was like to have a dress to wear to the Emmys, but then decide to change it at the last minute. Jay had trouble wrapping his brain around the idea that “attractive women take so much longer to get ready than unattractive women.” It’s quite a concept!

Leno also talked to Representative Barney Frank about how President Obama pulled all the troops out of Iraq. He also pointed out how his reality so a lot different than Kim Kardashian’s reality.

Jimmy Fallon was back last night, and he talked to Drew Barrymore about Going the Distance, and the mustache Jason Sudeikis has in it.

And Snoop Dogg stopped by to expound upon the importance of taking care of Ann-Margaret and satisfying yourself when you’ve got the munchies.