Michael Patrick King & Whitney Cummings Bring ‘Broke Girls’ To CBS

Whitney CummingsMichael Patrick King, the man behind the lovely ladies of Sex and the City, and Whitney Cummings, the pretty but foul mouthed comedian that has come into the spotlight lately, have teamed up to bring Two Broke Girls to CBS. The multi-camera program will follow the lives of, congrats on having reading comprehension, two broke girls living in New York City. So instead of four wealthy women living in the Big Apple on a single camera show, we have two broke “girls” living in the City That Never Sleeps on a multi-camera show.

Yeah, while I would be interested in watching a group of poor girls make their way through New York City, Lena Dunham is basically doing the same thing on HBO, with a single-camera project. And with HBO’s creative freedom (which King is well aware of, after all, part of Sex and the City’s early allure was its raw and real portrayal of female sexuality) and CBS’ restrictions, King’s and Cumming’s signature edginess will likely be muted. That, and the multi-camera angle, do not bode well for this series.

Source: Deadline