Michel Hazanavicius Funded ‘The Artist’ with his Smile: Late Last Night

Michel Hazanavicius knows the secret to getting a silent, black and white movie made in this day and age: a charming smile. The The Artist director shares his charming, Frank Capra-like story of getting his movie made through the whimsy of his magnificent French smirk, something his producer could not resist. Now it seems a little suspicious that his movie took so many awards at the Oscars this year…
It takes a good deal of bravado to hit on an attractive celebrity. You need a sell, something in the holster that nobody could possibly resist. Megan Fox recalls a guy who had what he thought was one of these folks when he approached her with what turned out to be a disastrous excuse for a pickup line. Needless to say, he flew home alone. Yes, flew.

Being a stand-up comic isn’t easy. Sometimes, you have to deal with having a bad act. And sometimes, with a bad act, comes a heckler in the audience. But that’s where it should end. Stand-up comedians shouldn’t have to face enmity from other stand-up comedians. But Ed Helms recounts an experience in his early days of being followed up by a comic who dedicated his entire performance to making fun of Helms’. Low blow, man.

Seann William Scott had a particularly uncomfortable experience watching American Reunion with his mother, who seemed to have a strange infatuation with a naked Jason Biggs. By the way, everyone out there who is anticipating American Reunion, prepare for a naked Jason Biggs.