Michelle Obama Beat Jimmy Fallon in a Potato Sack Race: Late Last Night

Not since Eleanor Roosevelt has a First Lady displayed such dedication to this country. Of course, Michelle Obama’s dedication manifests slightly differently…last night, the First Lady made a surprise appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to live up to her pledge to “make a fool out of herself” to get her message about the importance of exercise across. Jimmy paid a visit to the White House to challenge Mrs. Obama to a series of physical competitions. Not only did the first lady dominate Jimmy in the athletics department, she also proved more than adept at smack talk.

So, apparently, David Letterman is wildly in love with Denzel Washington. This is what we learned last night on The Late Show, when the host professed his attraction to the star…which made Denzel visibly uncomfortable. Even when the subject was changed to Clint Eastwood’s controversial Super Bowl commercial, it all came back to the elephant in the room of the palpable love brewing between Letterman and Denzel.

We all hear stories about actors developing great relationships while working on movies together, and casts becoming lifelong groups of friends. Well, apparently, Antonio Banderas had a different experience on Puss in Boots, because last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he admitted that he spent so much time with costar Salma Hayek that the two wanted to kill each other. While touring to promote the film, Banderas and Hayek had to recite the same schlocky answers to the same questions over and over so many times that they drove one another crazy…but it’s okay. They’re fine now.


Chelsea Handler and Jay Leno must be either really close friends or mortal enemies. If the latter, then last night’s interview on The Tonight Show was particularly tense. Chelsea took issue with Jay’s constant mockery of her, lashing out at him with a few choice words. But Jay persisted: the jokes can’t stop.