Michelle Obama Makes Leno Eat His First Vegetable in a Decade: Late Last Night

Last night, First Lady Michelle Obama brought her mission of the betterment of American nutrition to The Tonight Show, convincing Jay Leno to try fruits and vegetables – for the first time in decades. But he turns the tables on her and convinces her to try something that she admits she hates.

In a colossal moment in television history, Stephen Colbert chased a terrified Jon Stewart all throughout New York City with one goal: reclaim his superPAC. And the results are chilling.

Martin Scorsese appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and looked back on one of his greatest films: GoodFellas. After Scorsese talked about casting his mother in a scene that she never realized was about the hiding of a dead body, Kimmel put the director to the test to see just how realistic the famous garlic-slicing scene from actually is.


Finally, 30 Rock‘s Kenneth Parcell, Jack McBrayer, smiled his way onto the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon set, discussing his upcoming trip to the Super Bowl, where the always cheerful McBrayer hopes “everybody wins!” McBrayer also discussed the health (both physical and mental) of his friend Tracy Morgan, and a possible way 30 Rock might end.