Watch Miley Cyrus Joke About Her VMAs Performance (and the Tongue) in New ‘SNL’ Promo

We’ve reached the point at which were moreover tired of lamenting (or defending) Miley Cyrus‘ VMAs performance, but we’re still up for an odd joke or two about the whole debacle. And since it’s especially funny when celebrities come to terms with their own ill-conceived antics, jumping on the bandwagon of regret with a few gags up their sleeves, we’d love to hear Miley herself throw in a jab or two at whatever the hell she was doing that fateful Sunday night. And although she mines the event for humor in her new promo for Saturday Night Live, it’s clear that she sees no error in the bizarre ordeal: she and SNL star Taran Killam are making fun of the reactions to Cyrus’ performance, not the performance itself.


Still, some of us hold fast to the specks of charm emanated by Cyrus. She might be a loon, might be heading for a shame explosion of Bieberic proportions, but she’s got some degree of likability still resting on her shoulders. So check out the above promo and see if she makes up for her recent malfeasances on Saturday night’s show.

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