‘Modern Family’ at Paleyfest: Disneyland, College, and Dylan

Modern Family Manny and LukeWhile Modern Family can’t always live up to the height of its best episodes, there’s no denying that everything the Dunphy/Prichett clan does is newsworthy. That’s why the cast’s panel at March 14’s Paleyfest is worth considering for just a moment. Big things are coming for the lovable family.

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Phil’s a Big Baby and Manny is Too (In a Good Way)
The family is slated to make a big trip to Disneyland and apparently, the pressure is too much for Phil. “Phil flips out and wants to go on all the rollercoasters, but then he gets sick and basically realizes that he’s too old,” portrayer Ty Burrell said at the event. And apparently this story line hits just a little too close to home for his onscreen wife, Julie Bowen, who lamented to the audiences that the storyline was ripped from her own embarrassing moment. Creator Steve Levitan insisted it wasn’t, but Burrell wasn’t buying it, goading him with, “It waaaas.”
And while Phil is cracking under the pressure of the magical kingdom, Manny is finally getting it right. Apparently, Disneyland is the key to getting the stern young man to just be a kid already.
Modern Family Forever?
Levitan admitted he has no set date or number of seasons for the end of his critically beloved series. He said they’ll keep going “as long as it’s good,” adding that “We’d like to go out strong and not limp out.” But with all these big changes coming down the line for the characters – notably, Haley’s journey to college at the end of the season – the family drama has plenty of steam to keep trucking.
Disneyland: Not Always The Happiest Place on Earth
When the family heads to the amusement park, TV Guide reports that Dylan will be in tow. Claire’s plan to set Haley up with a new boy is foiled because Haley makes a beeline for Dylan, but Alex snatches the opportunity to soothe the dejected young man’s pain. There’s just one problem: the new boy is still all about Haley. Actress Ariel Winter (Alex) dished on the angsty episode: “So neither of us get new boys. So Disneyland, for Alex, is wah-wah.” Poor Alex! Her bad luck with boys is doomed to continue.
More Than Laughs: How Modern Family Helped One Youngster
Eric Stonestreet (Cam) and Levitan both spoke about how the series has helped young LGBT teens, and Stonestreet even recalled his experience with one particularly grateful youngster. The actor said the young man opened up to him, admitting that he was able to come out to his parents after watching the show with his family. Of course, the sugar on top of this already sweet moment was that at the end of the anecdote, Stonestreet noted that the young man “was a Cam.” Funny and sweet? What more could we ask for?
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