‘Modern Family’ Brings In ‘24’s’ Mary Lynn Rajskub

Mary Lynn RajskubModern Family sure knows how to bring in the special guests. Off the top of my head I recall Edward Norton, Elizabeth Banks, Fred Willard, and Benjamin Bratt (among many others) made appearances last season. Now we can add 24’s Mary Lynn Rajskub to the list, if you are so inclined to have made such a list. Not that I have or anything like that. No this piece of paper with a bunch of names on it is completely unrelated.

Anyway, in the show she will play the ex-girlfriend of Mitchell who comes back into his life for (presumably) just this episode. What’s the big deal you ask? Obviously you don’t watch the show because Mitchell is gay and has a husband, Cam, with whom they have an adopted daughter Lily (adorable) and obviously having an ex-girlfriend in the equation will cause hijinks to ensue! Will Cam get jealous? Will Mitchell be awkward? You better believe it. Fingers crossed that Modern Family grows a pair and makes a threeway joke.

I’m not a fan of 24, but my parents are so I asked them about Rajskub and apparently my entire extended family was there for some reason. Either way my mother said she thought the character was smart and good foil for Jack Bauer but she definitely got prettier through the seasons. Then some aunts chipped in that she was annoying and a brat. Then they started yelling at each other and I hung up. Gotta love the family.

Source: TV Guide