‘Modern Family,’ ‘Castle,’ & More Renewed By ABC

Luke DunphyChances are, if you like any scripted show on ABC you’re in luck! It just got renewed! Well, they renewed six shows and if your show wasn’t one of them then you need better taste in television.

Ensuring that I will continue to have a job for at least a little while longer, Modern Family was renewed for a third season. Castle, which stars my perpetual hetero-man crush Nathan Fillion, will be coming back for a fourth season. Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice were renewed for some reason and for some amount of seasons. I guess this is a good thing? The Middle was renewed for a second season and despite not knowing a single thing about the show, I’m still ambivalent towards it. And Cougar Town was picked up again which might give some legitimate pull to the fact that everyone who watches it says it’s really good. So maybe we’ll check it out?

I dunno, ABC still feels like a well of shiny mediocrity. Sure I like Modern Family, but I don’t feel like my life is suddenly all better because of it. Now if they canceled Grey’s, that’s another story. Pull the plug! Pull the plug!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter