‘Modern Family’ Recap: Nap Captain of this Bed

ALTConflicts: Every family who’s ever sat through a Thanksgiving dinner has had them. On Modern Family though, we rarely see family problems that aren’t simply squabbles played for laughs. Last night, things took a turn for the slightly serious, as Phil had to fire Mitchell from his “favor” position, doing legal work for Phil’s real estate company. Phil wasn’t so great at firing — he tried to break up with a girlfriend once and then was married to her 20 years. On the flip side, Mitchell has been trying to worm his way out of working too much at Phil’s company, but Phil hasn’t taken the hint. Communication fails! Everyone has been there.

Such fails weren’t just limited to the brother-in-laws. Cameron had decided that he and Mitchell weren’t going to use the word “no” with Lily, which bothered Claire until she tricked Cameron into going along with her way when Lily was almost about to switch on the garbage disposal with Cam’s hand stuck in it. The best part of this storyline, though, was the concept of “being your own nap captain,” because I feel like that’s a phrase I could have gotten a lot of mileage out of in college. In other news, I really want a nap.

The kids were all a bunch of liars this week: Luke got a medal at school for putting out a fire. Unfortunately, he also started said fire and Manny knew it. Haley was sneaking into the house late at night from presumably Dylan’s (so glad he’s back!). Cameron was aware and was covering for her. And Alex was lying about having a crush on her art teacher, Mr. Gorgeous — er, Jervis.

The whole episode came to a head with a “Living Art” production at school that Alex was participating in for Mr. Gorgeous, which only reminded me of the Gilmore Girls life paintings episode. Between Alexis Bledel on Mad Men and this plotline on Modern Family, I’ve been really missing my Stars Hollow crew lately. Wednesday night’s Modern Family wasn’t a particularly laugh-out-loud adventure, however, but it was really beautiful — both figuratively and literally. The series is a tableau for current American families, and it was fun to see the writers play with that theme last night, with everything culminating in an actual art tableau when the gang gets over their squabbles and meet up at the diner with Jay for his namesake sandwich. I want what they’re having.

NEXT: The best quotes of the night!Top Quotes:

— I found Gloria talking in an exaggerated quiet voice after Jay confessed that her loud voice sometimes kind of embarrassed him to be one of her funniest moments of the season. And I don’t only say this as someone who talks way too loudly all the time. I get you, Gloria!

— Luke: “Maybe that’s what I should be when I grow up: a professional medal-getter!”

— Alex: “Please, she’s a gym teacher. She is to teaching what Dr. Seuss is to medicine.”

— Cameron: “You don’t know terror until you’ve had to stare down the eyes of a Missouri state trooper and talk your way out of a PUI.”

— Phil: “Second best hugger in the world after Mr. Burt Reynolds. Story to follow.”

Think Wednesday’s Modern Family was a beautiful tableau?

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