‘Modern Family”s Julie Bowen Gets Picked Up by Fabio: Late Last Night

Last night, Jay Leno had Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen on The Tonight Show to shame her with some embarrassing, lesser-known work from her past, and to surprise her with a particularly noteworthy male model from this part of her life. Let’s just say, he’s not content with shaking hands.

Will Arnett visited Conan to basically spend seven-and-a-half minutes insulting Conan O’Brien. He got him on his ego, his hair color, his talents as a talk show host, and it all culminates with the interesting commercial Arnett and Arrested Development costar Jason Bateman made for Conan.

Samuel L. Jackson stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to join the world of Twitter. After a few technical speedbumps, Jackson and Jimmy collaborated on Jackson’s first tweet, which is as Samuel L. Jackson-ish as it could possibly get.

Finally, Matthew Broderick joined David Letterman on Late Night to discuss his back surgery (man, it’s been a long time since Ferris Bueller) and the questionable credentials of his doctor, and to test out an airport security wand on his newly metal spine.