‘Modern Family’ Season 5 Spoilers: See Photos of Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, & More on Set

Julie Bowen and Ed O'Neill

KVS/Pacific Coast News

The Modern Family gang is back to work! Photos from the set of Season 5, premiering on ABC Sept. 25, have been released and each and every one of them seems designed to make you go “Awwww!” I mean, they could not be more overflowing with the milk of human kindness. First off, see the above: Julie Bowen resting her head on Ed O’Neill’s burly shoulder. But that isn’t the only photo to make you go, “That’s so cuuuute!”

Sofia Vergara Ty Burrell

KVS/Pacific Coast News

Sofia Vergara plants a big wet one on Ty Burrell’s cheek! Though oddly enough he doesn’t seem to like it.

Ty Burrell and Ed O'Neill

KVS/Pacific Coast News

I guess Burrell was so upset by that smooch that he has to cry into Ed O’Neill’s shoulder. Ed seems to be allowing a lot of that these days.

Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen and Ed O'Neill

KVS/Pacific Coast News

And now Burrell has an icepack? Did those photos go from sweet to violent?

Sarah Hyland

KVS/Pacific Coast News

Sarah Hyland texts while stretching.

Ariel Winter Sarah Hyland Reid Ewing

KVS/Pacific Coast News

Just a nice little bit of downtime on set for the young folks.

Rico Rodriguez

Gaz Shirley/Pacific Coast News

Forget better head protection for football players. Rico Rodriguez knows that what they really need are umbrellas.

Looking forward to the new season?

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